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Planning your

Tree Removal Service

With safety being the first priority, not all jobs allow for low impact climbing or other methods. Factors which influence the availability and pricing of tree take-down and removal services include, but are not limited to: the health of the tree(s) in question as well as surrounding trees and the root systems, weather, proximity to structures, other hazards, ground composition, and accessibility. All options are discussed and agreed upon with the property owner before any work is started.


If you are considering tree removal and are planning to perform other work on your property, including leech-field and septic work, driveways, walkways, stonework, new structures, additions, pools, etc., don't wait to call us.


Often times, undesirable trees should be removed, prior to other projects in order to allow for the safest, most effective take-down and tree removal service. On other occasions, it may be better to have trees removed after (for example, if you are removing a structure in the way of a hazardous or undesirable tree). Either way, a call to us could save you money on your tree removal service. 



Weak tree roots

Weak roots were part of the cause of this tree to fall. Thankfully nobody was hurt, and the house was not severely damaged. 

Call or text today to schedule your free estimate.


Donovan Tree Removal, LLC is based in Parsonsfield, Maine and offers tree removal services to the surrounding areas including: Cornish, Sebago, Fryeburg, Porter, Parsonsfield, Kezar Falls, Limerick, Newfield, Limington, Sacopee Valley, York / Cumberland / Oxford County, Lakes Region New Hampshire, Mt. Washington Valley, Ossipee, Freedom, Effingham, Wakefield, NH.

and other surrounding towns. 

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