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Donovan Tree Removal, LLC is a full-service tree removal company, based out of Porter, Maine, serving the Sacopee Valley and Lakes Region including Parsonsfield, Porter, Kezar Falls, Cornish, Hiram, Baldwin, Limington, Sebago, Limerick, Newfield, Brownfield, Maine, Freedom, Ossipee, and Meredith, NH, as well as the surrounding areas. Our extensive climbing and crane experience has made us experts in hazardous tree removal and takedowns, storm damaged tree removal, and difficult to reach trees. When you hire Donovan Tree Removal, LLC, you can be sure that a fully insured, licensed, and experienced arborist will be performing your tree work. 


We are often called to do tree work that other companies are unable to perform due to limited space job sites, such as small lots, waterfront camps and tightly congested neighborhoods.


Safety is our number one priority on all job sites, complicated or not!

In our efforts to ensure the safety and improve the aesthetics of your property/investment, we strive to leave our job sites clean and free of any footprint which would indicate that we were there. If you are concerned about the environment, health and longevity of your trees or are wondering what possible effects tree-work may have on your property, put your mind at ease. The experts at Donovan Tree Removal, LLC offer a unique zero-impact climbing option which uses a series of ropes and ascenders, leaving virtually zero traces of a climber, without the use of heavy equipment.


Preservation and sustainability are also goals we keep in mind when assessing a project. Trees add value and enhance the aesthetics of a piece of property, and are what help keep our Maine scenery rich. Trees also add to our enjoyment of outdoor experiences whether around the lake, in forests, parks, or urban landscapes. Too often, we are unaware of the risks associated with neglected trees, which can cause personal injury and property damage. Recognizing hazardous trees and taking proper corrective actions can protect property and save lives. Tree maintenance is like any other maintenance, steady upkeep over the years will keep them growing strong and beautiful.

Contact the experts at Donovan Tree Removal, LLC today to learn more about tree removal service in Maine and NH.



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